Do We Need a Power Supply?

by Jackie Jones
(Howell, New jersey, USA)

Love our Dolphin. Bought him 2009 and began use in June, 2009. He is cleaned after every use. Always take care with lines, etc. Yesterday he was running. I stopped him and later tried to turn him on while still in the pool. The light on the power supply won't come on. Checked all plugs, etc. His tracks are fine (we hsave limited poool use in Jersey) and he started with a clean, machine washed filter. My husband thinks he needs a new power supply. If so, where to get and cost of one. I see I have a spare power supply fuse in my kit. Possibly the answer? Thanks so much. We LOVE our dolphin. Sob
Jackie Jones
ADMIN REPLY: Doubtful you need a power supply but not impossible. Unplug the robot and turn on the transformer to see if it stays on.

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