Dolphin C6

by Randall

Our Dolphin C6 Plus has loose belts. We replaced them. When we put the vacuum back into the pool it doesn't really move. When it does move it goes in circles. Is one of the belts too tight? The remote doesn't really work either. The vacuum seems to have a mind of its own. Just before we replaced the belts (because they kept coming off) the vacuum all of the sudden began moving in circles... Just can't get the vacuum to run on its own. I have left it in for a few hours and it never moves. If I use the remote it does its own thing and when I switch back off of the remote it doesn't move. Help. Any suggestions?

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Sep 18, 2020
Not familiar

I am not familiar with this commercial cleaner however based on my experience with other cleaners, a machine going in circles could be many things. A bad drive motor, a binding track, bad rollers on one side.

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