dolphin commander problem

by raj

it is about three years old and looks in very good condition, has not been misused. for the last few days it starts for 15seconds or so and I tried with another spare power adapter it does the same thing. it looks very clean of course I have not dared to open the outside plates yet. Kindly any easy advice thank U so much.

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Nov 02, 2012
How much current does Dolphin Commander sync?
by: Mark J

I'm repairing a Dolphin Commander power supply. The transformer is bad, but the rectifier and the filter caps are good.

The transformer I removed in 115vac input stepping down to 19.2VAC @ 7.2A

I was initially confused at this as the marked output of the power supply is 24VDC.

My question is: Does anyone know what the current requirement is of the robot?

I want to make sure I size the replacement transformer correctly.


Sep 02, 2010
Dolphin Power Supply Outlet
by: Anonymous

Hi, I believe the outlet on the power supply is one piece. A center hub with 4 female connectors.
Is this what has fallen inside the power supply? If so, just buy a new outlet. It unscrews from the outside of the power supply

Aug 31, 2010
Comments for dolphin commander problem
by: raj

Hi curt:
all the thanks from my heart for making suggestion,

whatever U have suggested I am going explore and try. The side plate as U suggested could be the culprit as one one side the track came out loose.

I will keep u posted and thanks again for your thought and suggestion.
second question I have to ask U I have old Power supply for dolphin yellow color. it has the female plug quite a bit inside rather outer part. Is there extender for it.

Thanks again ssinghal

Jul 27, 2010
Check for obstruction
by: Curt

Hi, You must remove the side plate to check for obstructions in the drive gear/track.

If the pump is still working when the robot stops then the transformer can be ruled out. If this is the case then the circuit board inside the motor compartment is the most likely suspect.

Unfortunately these internal motor parts are not available and Maytronics will recommend replacing the entire pump/drive system.

If you have an electronic repair shop nearby, you might be able to have them check the board after you remove it.

Sorry I can't be of more help with this issue.

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