Dolphin diagnostic climbing issue and answer

by Frank
(New Jersey)

I've had a dolphin diagnostic for years. Bought it at Leslie's pool supply. It is a private label maytronics unit, similar to a deluxe 4.

This year it has behaved erratically. It was not climbing walls and was traveling slowly. Top fan action seemed erratic. I dismanted it, cleaned it, etc, no luck.

The unit I have has the pink rollers without climbing rings, suitable for vinyl liner pools. I decided to try adding climbing rings. I ordered a set of 4 for $32. To install them I needed to trim out a channel for the rings to fit in. The trimmed roller looks like the grey roller intended for climbing rings. Dropped the unit in the pool and it is climbing again. Not perfectly but much better than before, where it would just hit a wall and never go vertical.

My guess is if it doesn't go vertical the computer gets confused and the behavior becomes erratic. Now that it is climbing again the top fan is working as before.

Thanks for this web site, it is very helpful.

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