Dolphin Diagnostic failure

by Andy

I have a bad motor driver board. The box is dry, the 22V and 24V motors are good. The driver IC for the brush roller motor blew up and took out the 11uf capacitor. Can not make out the spec for the IC next to the .1 ohm resistor. Any ideas?

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Sep 26, 2014
by: Steve Hobrecht

The LMD18200 is an H-bridge that I helped to design many years ago. It is still available though TI.
I have an earlier model Dolphin (2006) rev 3 electronics board that does not use the LMD18200 but large DMOS Mosfets and a relay to switch the track motor direction.
I need new drive electronics for my otherwise perfect and low hours unit. It's a real shame that Maytronics does not provide parts for the more experienced electronic professionals. I know, they're worried about lawsuits.

The sense resistor that they are using in their designs are either underated or under designed for the power/temperature environment.

Jun 07, 2011
by: Marek

The driver is

in my opinion ...

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