Dolphin Diagnostic Reaches Water Line then Stalls

by Brian
(Ofallon, MO)

Submerge the unit with handle set in 3 or 4 position. Turn it on. The unit takes off, fan propelling, cleaning, climbs first wall, reaches water line and spins for a few seconds then stalls and falls to bottom, never returns to cycle. I have left it for an hour, lights still on, but nothing. Does the same thing when it climbs a stair in the pool, stalls then never turns back on. Thoughts???

Seems like an awful high amount of issues with these things to be so highly recommended on all the sites I see selling them? These are not cheap!

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Jan 15, 2013
Answer to NEW Faulty Aquabot
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately, I chose to make a new purchase. With everyone's comments on the site of the time and effort it takes, and the lack of success in repairs, I chose this route. I went with a cheaper model, called SmartPool, from my local pool center. It was only a few hundred bucks, and it also climbs walls, and did a wonderful job all summer 2012. Very easy to use, clean, already saving me money after just 1 summer of use. Has a short or longer cleaning cycle for that RUSH clean job, or the more detailed job. Very happy with my decision, unfortunate, but just seems these particular models from a Foreign maker, have no support behind them here in the states, other than make sure you buy from somewhere that has a rock solid warranty and return policy, so you can hope something goes wrong within warranty time frame and you can swap it. Hope this is helpful. Obviously I have only my opinion and experience to back this, so please use your own judgement.

Jan 12, 2013
My Dolphin diagnostics does the same
by: Dilip

My Dolphin diagnostics does the same. Works as long as it is on the floor. After it climbs the wall for the first time and reaches the waterline it stalls within few seconds and then drops down eventually. Kindly let me know what you did to fix it. i am not sure if I should spend money to fix it or go for new cleaner.

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