Dolphin Diagnostic Rip Off

by Ripped Off

I purchased a Dolphin Diagnostic Advantage pool cleaner 5 years ago, the motor has quit working and I was told by the service center that they want $350.00 to send me a new motor box without the cable. If I send the unit to them for repair they want shipping costs both ways, plus $350. for the box, plus another $60 to install it.

If I send the unit back so that they can install it, I will have a one year warranty on the new parts, if I install it myself they will not warranty the parts.

If you choose to purchase one of these units, plan on the motor dying after about 5000 hours of use. It basically is a throw away pool cleaner once the motor fails.

So if you want to spend $500 to fix a used pool cleaner then this is the one to buy. All this for a lousy $25.00 motor.

I will never buy any of their products again!

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Oct 26, 2012
Same question
by: Alqibla

Yes! They need think how to offer a cheap parts ! The machine is so expensive ! No body want to buy it again and agin .....

Apr 11, 2012
Never Buy Dolphin, its simply a disposable cleaner
by: Ripped off in NC

I also had the same experience in Appril. My dolphin unit was 3 years old, had been used minimally over a 2 year period (the first year purchased our pool was still under construction). I was informed Maytronics would replace the motor for $ 665 dollars. I can buy an entire new Dolphin for $ 999. Why bother? I told them to keep all the parts and that I would NEVER buy another Dolphin in my lifetime. STAY AWAY from these units. They are a rip off.

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