Dolphin has developed an attachment to a single 4' strip

by Randy
(Burbank, CA)

I was hoping to find that someone else had experienced my same problem - but it doesn't appear so. My Dolphin has no "functionality" issues: it cleans fine, it runs fine, it climbs the walls, it goes both directions, no parts are broken. But it appears to have "brain" damage. I know these things are supposed to be able to "learn" your pool, but mine seems to have learned that it particularly likes only one small, 4' strip across the pool. I'll drag it to one end or the other, start it up, and it will seem to be functioning fine. But it's really just seeking out it's "home". Once it finds that 4' strip, it will just go back and forth, over and over, until the end of it's cycle. I'm in LA, and the closest repair guy is in Phoenix. It costs $100 just for shipping. Any ideas before I go back to a suction cleaner?

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Sep 30, 2013
Dolphin Cleans same area over & over
by: SteveNJ

Same issue here. No matter where I put the unit - it goes back and cleans the same area of the pool over and over and over..... Changed handle positions but didn't help at all. Still frustrated in Jersey.

Feb 23, 2012
The handle
by: Anonymous

IF your handle is not adjusted correctly then the robot will cover the same area over and over and over.

I am certain the problem is with handle positioning...absolutely

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