Dolphin Pool Cleaner Review

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The Dolphin Pool Cleaner is built by Maytronics of Israel. This robotic pool cleaner review is specific to the Dolphin Diagnostic.

This comment applies generally.Do not buy used Maytronics Dolphin Pool Cleaners UNLESS the cost is dirt cheap or the machine is free. You are ALWAYS better off to purchase these machines new.

I found many versions of the Diagnostic Warranty periods fluctuated from machine to machine. Filter bag efficiency ranges from 2 to 30 microns. Unlike Aquabot bags, there are no relief holes.

Dolphin Pool Cleaners Are Heavier Than Most

Except for minor repairs to the outside, the Diagnostic really can't be repaired at home. The motor, pump and circuit board are locked-up in a waterproof compartment.

If do-it-yourself repair is important, do not buy this robot.

This robot is heavier than most other robots because the airtight motor compartment has a metal weight to offset the buoyancy created by trapped air.

Do not dismiss the weight. These robots are filled with water and removal from the pool may be difficult even without the added weight.

The speed is average while water volume is above average.

The Dolphin pool cleaner does not use drive belts, and that is good because parts are impossible to find online. I am still trying to find the cost of a new motor, pump or cable for a Maytronics machine.

These machines are not to be used when the water temperature is 45 degrees or colder.

One model that looks really good is the Dolphin Diagnostic Explorer. This machine may be left in the water and is programmable for up to 3 cleaning cycles per week. It filters 4750 gallons per hour with a 5 hour cleaning cycle.

There is no other robot that recommends underwater storage.

The Dolphin Explorer's Warranty is 60 months on its motors 3 full years and 2 years pro-rated and one full year on all non-wear parts.

This Robot is the only Dolphin I have thought about buying.


Dolphin DX 3, for small, flat bottom pools. Does NOT climb walls. 2 year warranty and 3 hour cleaning cycle

Dolphin DX 4 Recommended for pools upto 40 feet in length. 3 year warranty and 2.5 hour cleaning cycle.

Dolphin DX 5 Cordless, runs off a rechargeable battery. Programmable for 2, 3 or 4 hour cleaning cycles depending on shape and/obstructions.

Comes with a floating light to find it and remote control to retrieve it.

CAUTIONwarranty void and no warranty coverage will be provided for the DX family of robots by Maytronics if product was purchased over the internet

A friend swears his 10 year-old Maytronics machine has never required repair.

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