Dolphin pump motor rotation

by Rob Volkert
(New Jersey)

pump motor stopped working. opened motor box found moisture and dried with compressed air. tested for motor operation - impeller now works again, re-assembled box and reinstalled in unit.

put unit in pool - all parts working but it seems that the impeller may be spinning wrong direction. water pulls in to unit vs pushing out of the top.

i did take end of impeller motor off to check for moisture - there was none. but found that one of the brushes was hung up and not making proper contact of motor coil so I cleaned the inside of brush guide with q-tip and alcohol.

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Sep 14, 2010
wrong way impeller
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the idea - but no that is not it. the impeller blade can only go on one way. one side has a slot notch which fits over the shaft that protrudes from the motor. the other side has a small counter sunk hole for the screw that secures it to the end of the motor shaft.

I got the unit working by changing the polarity on the DC motor. Still not sure what I could have done that would have caused the motor to spin clockwise vs counter clockwise but unit works again. Just swapped the black and white leads on the circuit board that went to the impeller motor. Just have to be careful when doing this, the connectors on the board fit very snugly and pulling too hard could damage board, just grip connector with needle nose pliers inside the plastic shield and wiggle gently until it comes off.

Sep 13, 2010
Wrong way impeller
by: Curt

I am not well versed in Dolphin Pool Cleaners but any chance the impeller was re-installed upside down?

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