Don't Get an Aquabot if You MUST have the Newest Toy!

by Fencerider
(Alpharetta, GA)

I am always a sucker for having to have the newest coolest stuff. Hence 4 years ago my purchase of my Aquabot VIVA was a no brainer remote control and all. But now it is FOUR Years old and I WANT a NEW Toy!! I have tried and tried but my VIVA just won't die. I have left it out thru the last two winters (Yes IN the POOL) Where else!! Each February I almost break my pole when my brush bangs into it on the bottom of the murky pool. So I walk over and push the button (Yes the control and cable are all there hooked up ready to go!! and I follow the black cable I know it is blue but mine is black at this time of year---and when it gets to the shallow end I haul the thing out of the water. Damn it doesn't get any lighter does it!!. I do give it some attention and turn the hose on it and turn it over and give it a new filter bag. Then I push it back in the water and push the button on my controller and after 4 or 5 filter bag changes a day or two later I have a pretty clean pool.

However this does nothing to satisfy my appetite for a NEW TOY. I have run this thing crazy around the pool for the last two years and all it does is keep cleaning up my pool and yes keep running.

Now I am at the point I think I must simply buy some NEW Parts and be satisfied with that as VIVA appears to be planning to stay a while. So here I am relenting to purchase VIVA some new Rubber Thingys and straps and be happy I have at least one thing that works harder in my pool than I do.

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