Hayward Navigator

by Keith
(Phoenix, AZ)

Hayward Navigator Review

Hayward Navigator Review

Not good for my big pool with a deep end.

I have owned two now. When I went to replace the first one, I was looking for another brand because it would only clean the deep end. If I pulled it to the shallow end, there was like a magnet that pulled it back down to the deep end. Leslies convinced me that they had improved the design and it was the best product on the market, so I bought another.

The first few months were better, but after less than a year, same problem. I have had it rebuilt twice, and only get a few weeks of good service before it just starts sitting in the deep end.

Another big problem is balancing suction. If I turn the pump too much to the vacuum, it collapses the hose. If I don't turn enough suction to the vaccuum, it does not move. Very frustrating.

I am looking for another alternative, but am concerned because there are some reviews for all of the various options where it seems some people have the same issues. I have been advised by a pool builder to try the Baracuda G4, and another to try the Dolphin, but some customer reviews of both products worry me.

Frustrated and worried.

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Nov 17, 2009
Wayward Navigator
by: bevbem

I bought a Navigagtor after owning 2 Baracudas. I should have stayed with the Baracuda. I have had nothing but problems. It is always getting stuck by the stairs or ladder or on a wall or in the deep end or just stuck in place. I have had it worked on by a professional pool service company (who sold it to me) and they've never been able to make it work properly for longer than a month. I have given up on it. I'll never buy another Hayward product. This has been too frustrating.

Jul 18, 2008
Don't worry, buy Aquabot
by: Curt

Aquabot Turbo or Tempo are fast and relatively cheap. I think they offer the most for the money.
Parts are readily available and with proper care you won't need any parts for years.
If you need repair and don't want to do it yourself, many swimming pool stores have on-site repair for your Aquabot.

Dolphin pool cleaners by Maytronics are also good machines.You can't get many replacement parts and if there is a problem with the motors, the robot MUST be sent out for repair. This could take many weeks.

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