How to trouble shoot my pool cleaner

by Philippe

I bought a Dolphin 2001 S in 2009.
Until now it was working fine.
But now when I started it , is working for few minutes (3 or 5)then it stop, and stay stopped.
If a switch off the power supply for 10/15 minutes then I start it again, the cleaner start and work normally for few minutes then stop again....etc
I check the drive track system: OK
I openned the motor compartment to check the power supply (to ensure that there is no problem on the cable suppply: OK

So I'm sure that my problem come from the circuit board but which component.
I could be wrong. Do you have an idea ?
If it is the circuit board, can I repair it or should I replace the complete board ?

Best regards

Thank you

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ADMIN REPLY:Copy and paste this link. It refers to graphite dust on the electronics card.

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