I dropped my power supply for the Dolphin Dynamic 2002

by Sonja

I dropped the power supply box for Dolphin at the beginning of this season. The Unit had been running fine up to that point, but after the fall I no longer had a light on the power supply and I thought my Dolphin was dead. I called Maytronincs, but the unit was out of warranty and I had no idea how much they would charge to repair it. I've only had the Dolphin since Aug 2011, so I wasn't prepared to go buy a new one, nor was I willing to shell out hundreds for what may be a simple fix. I took it to a local pool store, where they attempted to persuade me that it was time for a new bot (D3 for $784) or to buy a new power supply ($317). Well, being that it was already out of warranty, I figured I wasn't going to hurt anything if I opened the power supply and took a peek around. I pried off the ring of caulk-like material from the back of the power supply to expose the screws, removed the screws and saw that a single plug had been jostled loose when I dropped it. I reconnected this plug, plugged the power supply back in and VIOLA! My dolphin has been running laps around the pool for the last two hours. If you're out of warranty, what does it hurt to open it up and take a look?

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