Impeller turns briefly but drive track keeps moving

by Glenn

My motor runs okay and the drive shaft turns freely but the impeller only runs for a few seconds before shutting off. I've disconnected the belts to see if it was a tension issue on the drive shaft but that didn't make a difference. Am I looking at a motor replacement or is this something that can be fixed? I just want to make sure that I'm not paying for more than I need to. Additionally, does a motor replacement require a cable replacement or can the existing cable be reused? How complex a job is it to change out the cable with a new motor? I've rebuilt the robot a couple of times but obviously haven't messed with the motor/cable assembly.

Thanks in advance.


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Jan 25, 2017
motor pump disassembly
by: Anonymous

One other thing, be aware that if you take drive motor or pump apart, they both contain oil inside of them to protect and cool circuitry. It is a big mess if you have never done this before.
Make sure you disassemble in a pan to catch the oil.
Mike t

Jan 24, 2017
Check this first
by: Dom Lando

Chances are this is the thermal protection switch and it failed. Or you have a dead short somewhere which indeed means a bad pump. Try to bypass the thermal switch first and reconnect, then if that does not help, check to see if there is in fact 24v AC coming to the pump. If there is you have a failed motor.

Jan 24, 2017
Could be a tough job

Unfortunately, replacement motors can not be purchased. You could try a repair shop and ask if they have any old pumps laying around.

The cable disconnects from the motor box. Make a diagram or take a picture of the wire positions.

The second issue will be maintaining the water tight integrity of the box top rubber gasket. If you take apart, be very gentle removing the lid.

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