My Aquabot does not clean the entire pool

by Doros

I purchased my aquabot turbo 2 months ago. At first it couldn't climb the walls and I fitted on the brushes the climbing rings. Then the timer gave up and so I had to bypass it thanks to this site. Now the problem is that the aquabot does not clean the entire pool (10mx3,5m) and I have to move it on my own. It gets stuck under the lights or at the inlet fittings and so I have to sit there and move it. Any ideas why the aquabot does not clean the entire pool or is there a way to make it work with a remote control?
REPLY Your drive belts may need replacing if the robot can't reach the waterline or move around obstacles OR If you bought the robot used then a drive gear bushing or the drive gear itself may be worn. Check the troubleshooting page.
The addition of the ring may be adding weight.
This weight may be off-set by adding floats to the inside of the bottom plate. You should not have to monitor it's progress.

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