My aquabot turbo Nessie is slow

by Dorothy
(Redwood City, CA)

My aquabot moves very slowly or stops. Upon examination, one belt does not have tension. I put in new belts but it reacts the same, one belt making a clicking sound when I turn the wheel tube. I know it is not the belts since they are new. Could it be the stepped rollers? I have changed them only once. I have ordered replacemnt rollers but do you have any other suggestions if this is not the problem? My aquabot is a turbo named Nessie, five years old. During this time I have replaced one warped side plate, one broken wheel tube assembly besides the usual belts, brushes and washer/bushings.
REPLY: I do have a few ideas. Be CERTAIN the wheel bushings are on the wheel ends inserted into the sideplate. Check the sideplate bushing that holds the drive shaft from the motor. If these bushings are worn or missing then you have found the problem.
These bushings are usually white, round and hold snug. If the stepped roller is in backward then this belt slippage would happen.

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