my dolphin 2002 dynamics plus problem.

by Eli Reytan
(Bergamo, Italy.)

When i start my dolphin it’s goes for 1 minute forward and then when he change direction only one side is rolling for some seconds and then it's stop.
Then I have to turn off and turn on again and again.
My dolphin is cleaning actually only for one minute and only forward.
Should I have to change the whole motor group?

Pls help.

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Sep 11, 2011
Piower Supply Timer
by: Anonymous

After the robot stops, unplug it and check for power at the power supply outlet. IF NO POWER, then it is the timer and it must be bypassed or replaced.

Aug 09, 2010
One idea.
by: Curt

Hi, check that the tread is not damaged, that the teeth are all there and able to grip the drive gear. Run the robot without the sideplate on the drive sides. If the gear stops turning then the motor has stopped and chances are you will need a motor. I suggest a maytronics repair shop to be certain

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