Need Aquabot Basic/Turbo Motor

by Ralph
(Muout Vernon, OH U.S.A.)

I have 2 Aquabots, They both were used when I bought them at auctions. The first one had the short electric wire and the pool I had at that time was 12ft in dia round. It was all I needed for that pool. Later I got a 17ft x 28ft x 5ft pool and my old aquabot did have enough electric wire to do the whole pool. At a farm auction they were selling an aquabot with a long wire, so I bought it. This spring one pump motor quit, so I took the pump motor out of the other one and replaced it, then that motor quit. So I ordered a new one, Then I dicovered the wire had burnt off at the connection, I fixed that. Now the drive motor has quit in both of them. I am asking if you know of anyone who rebuilds these motors? I like these cleaners, but I can not keep buying new motors. PLEASE let me know if anyone can send me a rebuilt drive motor in exchange for one that needs rebuilding. I can get by with one, but would like to get two in time.
Aquabot Basic or Turbo.
Thank you very much, send all answers to Thanks again Grandpa

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