Need Help With Resistor Values R70, R71, R72, R73

by Jhonas

Hi, I have got a robotXT5 sibrape and today it stop working. I noticed that resistors R70, R71, R72 and R73 burned out, it is a maytronics 2410073LF board. I want to replace them but I don't know their values and I don't found any datasheet on internet.
Do you know their values or where I can find it? Could you help me somehow?

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Jun 10, 2022
2410073LF Schematic??
by: Russ Goerend

I have a non working board. Nothing looks burned.
I have proper voltage to the board but no voltage at either motor output. motors are good with dc connected direct...they both spin. I'm looking for a schematic for this board?? Anyone see or have one?

May 01, 2019
Surface Mount Resistors
by: Lowcarb NY

From the photo image these resistors appear to be Surface Mount Technology (SMT) resistors (picture is a but low resolution so hard to be 100% sure). They SMT's don't have axial leads that go through a hole in the printed circuit board (PCB). They are soldered to small pads on the surface of the PCB.
They require more skill to remove and replace than axial components.

Frequently though burned open resistors are not the root cause of failure of the power supply. They may be a symptom of the failure of another component in the power supply that cause an over current condition for these resistors. Or they may be the result of a direct short having been applied to the output of the power supply.

Jul 28, 2017
Resistor Values
by: Anonymous

My friend, I do not know how, but in my board which is the same 2410073LF these resistors have like an square O on top. No colors. I have been trying to diagnose but no luck. Perhaps I need to look around with my microscope!

Jan 31, 2017
Resister values
by: Anonymous

Need R72 and R56 resister values

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