No more Maytronics Robots - don't touch them unless you are willing to buy a new one every 2 years!

by Skally
(Málaga, Spain)

We bought a Moby from the company who supplied our pool. We know we paid too much for it but we got a bit swept up by the whole thing and their recommendations. Anyway, it worked fantastically. It didn't clean the walls which we were led to believe it did but it did a good job on the pool floor .... while it worked. While it was still in guarantee, the transformer fuse blew. We replaced it with the spare but it went again and it's an odd fuse so we had to order it. Then it just fused all the time so we sent it for repair under guarantee. Now the problem with Maytronics is that you have to send it to their service people and they take their time so the second full season, it was away a month. Then the next year, it played up again. No longer in guarantee, we paid for it to be repaired but it was away a month - right in the middle if the summer. The fourth season the transformer packed up so we bought a new one - 350€ +/-. The fifth year the spindle on the fan broke off and as Maytronics don't repair anything, just fit a new part - they wanted 425€ for a new motor. Now that's 5 years and if we bought a new motor, we have basically paid for it twice. Not really very good. OK, maybe we did something wrong so never mind, and we bought a new one - an M3 Supreme.

Well, it has worked fantastically for 1 and half seasons but now it moves backwards, forwards, backwards, stops, fan spins, nothing, total confusion, shuts off. We send it off but as I can't find the receipt, they won't repair it under guarantee. Actually, they won't repair it, full stop. They want to put a new motor in it for another 425€. It took them over a month to tell me that even though I had written a full explanation of the problem of which I have found loads of reports on this forum for the same model. If I could prove that I had bought it less than 2 years ago, they would have repaired it for free but it does bring in to question the reliability of their products, that we have basically gone through 4 motors in 7 years can't say much for their quality. The pool is only 8m max x 5m max kidney shaped. It's not been over worked.

I have written to them and had an immediate very nice reply saying that as I can't prove when I bought it, they are unable to repair it under guarantee and wishing me all the best with whatever pool cleaner I buy in the future even if it is not one of theirs. I think they are slightly missing the point that I made. Quite simply they are unreliable and need repairing every year after the first year and the service takes so long that the cleaner is away half the season.

So, I shall be opening up the motor when I get it back (after I have paid the transport too and from the service centre) and looking to see if one of the solutions posted by people who have had the same situation and have solved it really easily. I may also use the old one for parts or, as that motor worked perfectly but the little spindle broke, I may try and replace the spindle and go back to that one!

My advice, don't touch Maytronics unless you are willing to buy a new Robot every 2 years.

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Jun 03, 2019
No More
by: Paul M

I have had two maytronics bots. They spend more time in the shop being fixed than in my pool cleaning it.

May 18, 2018
sick of maytronics junk
by: tony greene

bought new m4,4 power suppys later and months of pool seasons lost waiting on parts am sick of matronics and their no service no parts policy.will never own another at any price now with new power supply it runs a total of1 minute and shuts more money to be spent on this Chinese junk!!!!!!

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