No Warrantee On Replacement Dolphin Motor Units

by Anon

My Dolphin Robot cleaner (2002) stopped working after 4 yrs. It was doing a great job when it was working so I decided to repair it. The water leaked into Motor unit and burnt out the Board. I wanted to replace the Board but Eworkspro (Dolphin parts supplier) told me that I had to replace the whole motor unit because the unit is pressure sealed and they would not sell the Board. I paid $341 (inc. shipping & tax) and ordered the unit. First they called me to say the unit they received from the manufacturer did not past their test !! So they returned it for a replacement. I received the unit after 2 weeks. Installed it in 15 mins -its a very simple task- and worked fine but only for 3-4 days.. I opened the machine and notice water leaked inside the motor unit. I am now very frustrated and shipped the unit back and asked for my money back.. Guess what? Today EWORKSPRO emailed me to say "No refund, No exchange because the warranty does NOT cover customer installations"... So, BE AWARE WHEN BUYING ANYTHING FROM EWORKSPRO.... I will now wait to hear from the Maytronics. If they don't offer help then I am taking them to small claims court....

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