Not moving, Pump works.

by Aviva
(Dover, FL)

My aquabot is 4-5 years old. I take good care of it and talk to it nicely but it has stopped moving. Suction is great but it won't budge. The gear strap things are all on line. It does look like it's moving when I hold it underwater but so it does not touch the pool floor.

Any help would be appreciated. I do love the Aquabot but hate it when it breaks. :(

Best regards,
Aviva Baker

Is the motor working? With the robot in the water, look at the side with the belts. Is the drive gear that turns both belts moving? If no, remove the bottom plate and bag, remove the white debris shield (two screws) and turn on the machine all the while looking at where the motor connects to the drive gear. If the motor shaft is moving but the gear is not, then you need to replace a pin in the axle that engages the drive gear.
If yes...put pressure on a wheel. Does the gear turn but the belts don't? If Yes, you need new new belts.
If the belts have been recently changed, check that they go under the LARGE (stepped) portion of the pulley.

If your motor is not working , it must be replaced. Unfortunately all robots break down at one time or another.

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