by Ron
(Homosassa, Fl)

I had a Smartpool Climber for a couple of years, and it was repaired 4 times-even with very few cleaning cycles. “Customer Service” was horrible. It finally quit for good, so I did some research and wound up buying a Dolphin S200.
I loved it for the first two two-hour cycles. On the third cleaning, it quit after less than an hour. Couldn’t believe it, so I noted the time and restarted the Dolphin for another attempt. It acted weird, going mostly back and forth in about 4-5 feet runs. Then it failed in about 17 minutes-it just flat quit and was stationary.
So it’s going back today to the pool supply business where purchased. We’ll see if, after owning this for one week, they replace it or want to send the lemon out for repair. We’ll see, but I’m about to give up on electric robot pool cleaners!

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