Polaris ATV Review

by Bill
(Deltona Florida)



I purchased this product, thinking that you pay for what you get. Well in this case it was a bad decision. It broke in the first week. I took it to the shop recommended by Polaris and they told me that it wasn't broke.
I then forced them to try it in a pool and they finally agreed it wasn't working. YEA!! So they ordered the part and it was fixed in a week. I brought it home and it worked great for a day. Now it's doing the same thing it did before it was fixed.

In my opion there should be a law agaist a company that puts out such a piece of crap. They won't give me a refund. So I'm going to have to deal with Polaris direct. I hope it goes better with them.

At this point it has only worked for two days out of 3 months. I bet their company motto is to keep you guessing for a year till it's out of warranty.

Please don't buy any Polaris products.

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Mar 17, 2011
Polaris ATV
by: Dave Gierke

I too have had much grief with the Polaris ATV machine, and I made it my business to do the repair work myself, since nobody in my area wanted to touch it. The Polaris factory was pretty helpful and sent me repair parts for their auto reverse feature, whiched fixed the problem for almost one season. Now there's something wrong with the drive mechanism - won't move. By the way, the mechanism is beautifully built with great materials and componants - it seems to be a faulty design. I've finally decided to purchase one of the AQUABOT models. After reading some of the reader reviews, however, I'm begining to think that they all wear out sooner rather than later!

Jul 20, 2008
A few hundred extra bucks gets you an Aquabot
by: Curt

I know these cleaners arn't cheap. I believe you are better off with the cheapest Aquabot.

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