Remove Pool Liner Stains Quickly


I have always had pool liner stains due to debris blowing under the safety cover. Every spring I pull back the cover to impossible grime. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works great on vinyl and plastic. If Magic Eraser can't do the job, then Stain Free will.

Click the picture to open a new window at Save on Pool Supplies. They offer Stain Free with free shipping and NO handling fee.

WARNING Add an algaecide to the swimming pool water before applying Stainfree. There is a risk of an algae bloom due to the weakened chlorine and dissipation of algae based stains. If algaecide is omitted and you experience cloudy water after the stains are MUST shock immediately

Go to any forum and you shall read about frustrated owners looking for suggestions to clean the vinyl. Look no further, this vitamin C cleaner is the real deal.

The staining I have this year, 2008 is green at both the waterline and bottom. I have scrubbed and scrubbed, yet the green remains. Leaves and small sticks leave an outline.

I should have said "remained" The green is gone and elapsed time was less than 24 hours. My pool liner stains are GONE!

The amazing product I used is called StainFree by Natural Chemistry. The active ingredient is ascorbic acid...vitamin C. I bought a 1.75 pound container for my 18 X 36 in-ground from WWW.INTHESWIM.COM.

I reduced the chlorine feeder and right after a heavy rain, my free chlorine fell to .5 Recommended FC is less than 1 ppm. Normal pH.

I spread the StainFree around the surface of the water and the next pool was clean.

Some stains are metal based and for that, Natural Chemistry makes Metal Free I have not tried it but I'll bet it also works great.

My experience with stainFree leads me to believe that usage of both products at the same time will eliminate anything. This stuff works great!

This product review is based on my own experience. Your results may be different. I like this chemical so much I had to build a web page just to tell you about it.

As usual, I don't get paid for this information sharing.

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