Power supply output = Fuse blown and 3 wire plug

by Shad Enroughty
(Nashville, NC)

I need to know what is the output of the power supply (at the three wire outlet)?
I have about a 10 year old Aquabot Turbo. The power supply has flip on/off switch and square push start button. It started by not working after release of start button. I could hold the button in and it would run fine. SO ... I pushed the button in and stuck a toothpick beside it to keep the button in. Worked great ... until I forgot to take out the toothpick. Three days later, I checked it and wasn't working. I checked fuse and it was blown 2.5 amp 250 volt with screw in fuse cap. Replaced fuse and still wouldn't work. I noticed the 3 wire plug on wire was a little burnt. It "appears" like it got hot but no major damage to the plug (Male or Female ends).
Any suggestions on what to check, output voltage or push button problems.


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