Power Supply Submerged in Louisiana Flood this week

by Gail
(Denham Springs, Louisiana, USA)

Well bummer! I gave my daughter a Maytronics Dolphin as a housewarming gift last week. They lived in their new house all of one week when the flood came. While trying to secure their belongings as the water was rising, the power supply was put on top of a shelf in the patio. When the water came through, the current knocked the shelf over and the power supply was fully submerged and remained in the water about two days. I can hear water inside of it, though I've turned it this way and that, letting water drip out of available exit areas in the casing.

Now what do we do? Is there a way to take is apart and dry it out?

I guess that's a small thing in light of the damage to their home and furniture, etc. There was no flood insurance, thanks to FEMA's decision to send residents in that area a letter saying Flood Insurance was no longer required because the flood zone had been upgraded to Zone X. The area had never flooded. So at the real estate closing they didn't buy the flood insurance. They also lost their former home which had just been remodeled and put on the market for sale two weeks earlier. That one was insured, though not for the amount of damage sustained.

I'd just like to offer them a glimmer of hope by getting their swimming pool up and running again. Lots of sludge in it, but once we get that handled, the Dolphin, fondly named "Hercules", will be needed.

Anyway, what to do about the power supply?
Thanks for any input.

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Aug 25, 2016
Power supply got flooded in the recent flood waters
by: Anonymous

How do you take apart the power supply? Same thing happened to mine.

Aug 20, 2016
DO NOT plug in

Do not power it up until clean and dry.

All is not lost but you must open the power supply box to dry it out. If salt water got in, rinse gently with clean water.

Air dry or use a blow dryer. I have saved several that have fallen into pools.

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