Pump motor Capacitor SURPRISE rectifier

by Carlton
(Medford NJ USA)



I opened my failed Turbo T2 to install the new capacitors, removed the spongy resin by heating with a heat gun and crumbling/picking it away with small needle nose pliars.
In addition to the 4 capacitors were two small "resistor/rectifier" diodes, and a wiring pattern from the clone wars.
Brown wire from motor wired to - leg of first of cap of
Two capacitors -+ to -+ in series, wired into Union to next
two capacitors +- to +-.in series, connected to White supply

Between them, from brown to the ++ Union of the two double caps
And from white to the same Union, are two resistor/rectifier diodes. MUA140 0849 -+ from brown to center Union and +- from center Union to white feed

How is this possible? No other pump motor cap repair post mentions these diodes, are they essential?

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