Pump not sucking in water but moves

by Phillip

I ordered this 3 years ago.. it worked wonderfully but now it stopped. If I lift it 1/2 way it moves but it does not suck water or water shoots up like it should. I called and ordered a part from intheswim. It was some kind of pump motor for $285 and has a 6 weeks backorder as they do not have it in stock. What can I do... it is actually the part is bad and can that be fixed on my own or can I return it to Aquabot to do it? I am sure it will be expensive. I am not sure if the existing pump is the problem. Advise? Thanks
ADMIN REPLY: There is not enough information here to diagnose, but if the impeller is not moving on the pump it is either corroded terminal ends (fixable) bad windings (NOT fixable) or capacitors (MAYBE fixable if you are handy) to check a capacitor problem, manually spin the impeller while power is turned on. If the pump works after turning the prop then its a capacitor problem. BTW, there are MANY online stores that have the pump in stock, shop around

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