Quality of "replacement parts"

by Jin Choy
(Las Vegas)

I have an Aquabot Turbo for going on three years
This site was WONDERFUL in helping on all aspects of general maintenance for I am mechanically disinclined
I purchased a replacement "kit" from an online company and was sent "Aquaquality Pools" replacement parts

Question: the drive track and cleaning rubber brushes were an aqua blue color, not the dark blue of the original and the drive tracks lack the flanges that are molded perpendicular to the track.
They started falling off IMMEDIATELY after installation
Very annoying
They were "spec'ed" for my model and took the normal effort to install BUT they run right off the drive wheels
I replaced with the original
I REQUESTED genuine Aquabot parts: are these what come now as "genuine"?
It certainly wasn't cheap

Jin Choy

REPLY: Hi Jin, If you requested original Aqua Products then by all means that is what you should get.
Please call the company you bought them from and get the correct parts.
The tracks should not come off. If the "old" ones come off as well, check that the wheel bushings are in place on the side-plate. The flanges you refer too...are they "model G" tracks with the fingers jutting out? If so, absolutely call the company back.
I use the Aqua Quality Pools and Spas replacement parts with great success. In fact, I prefer their brushes and power cables to OEM parts.
If you have any other concerns or need further help correcting this problem, send me a message.

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