Repair of pump AS 00035. Similar to AS6080 repair.

by Aleks

Repair of pump AS 00035.
Similar to AS6080 repair.
repaired 2 pumps
1 pump. Signs: the pump does not rotate, the robot does not move. The power supply is turned off after 5-7 seconds. Test in the test mode: Turn the vacuum cleaner in the workshop, turn on the power. The pump does not work, after 7-8 seconds the engine is switched on.
2 pump Symptoms: the pump does not rotate, the robot does not move. The power unit turns off after 5-7 seconds
If to push the impeller of the fan the pump worked some time in the pool
In the test mode, the same as described above.
When repairing - one right transistor is punched. When turned on in disassembled form, it is heated very hot.
on 2 pumps, the transistors IRF 5305 DPAK,
Disconnect the pump, open the lid, drain the oil
Two right transistors are pierced. The check of transistors is similar to the one described at repair AS 6080.
At 1 pump, the transistors AOD 409 DPAK, NTD5865NG DPAK


Orange wire - "+" power supply
Blue wire- "-" supply
Black wire-pump activation control-0-pump on, 4-5 V pump off. The signal comes from the master of the drive (propulsion engine)

Ń€Green wire-control the speed of the motor 0-5V. The signal comes from the master drive (march engine)
White wire - feedback signal 0.4-1 V The signal is sent to the drive master (march engine), which evaluates the state of the pump.
After replacing transistors, check.
On an inverted vacuum cleaner we connectazobrane pump, the oil is not flooded. It is switched on. The pump must turn on and run for about 8 seconds. Then the pump stops and the march engine starts. The test ends after 30-40 seconds. Do not worry, nothing will fail.
In addition, you can check the control switching on the black wire.
On the green wire with the old 2-4 sec-0.85 V, at 4-8 seconds 0.55V
On a white wire at the start of 0.3-0.4V, for 4-8 seconds 0.2-0.3.
It is possible after 8 seconds, when the pump is turned off, forced to turn it on by disconnecting the black wire, while on the green wire -3.7V, on white 0.5-0.6V.
Additional verification:
Put the vacuum cleaner on the caterpillar. The pump is disassembled without oil. Remove the impeller from the pump. Grasp the pump shaft through the glove. Turn on the power. The pump will start to rotate. Create a load on the pump shaft. After 3-5 seconds, turn on the engine. Turn off the power.
Without load on the shaft, the pump will turn on and after 8 seconds the bit is turned off and off.
At the same time, if the measurements on a white wire are made, the voltage increases by a factor of 2. Thus the master drive checks whether the vacuum cleaner is in the water or not, monitoring the voltage on the white wire. If the load increases even more, the vacuum cleaner will determine what it isinis failure. malfunction
After all the checks, fill the oil, close the lid. We collect a vacuum cleaner. The oil is used for transforming. When pouring, the level is 1.5 cm from the top edge.

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