Request for information re: Drive Motor PCBand CAP values

by DAvid
(Greensboro NC)

I have searched the site (great site BTW) looking for information about the DRIVE MOTOR PCB. I have two Aquabot Turbos that stopped reliably reversing after 'eating' the cords and jamming the unit.
I was able to fix the problem by replacing the Drive Motor PCB. All worked well for 4 months. Then one of the units 'ate' the cord again and now it will only occasionally reverse for about 2 seconds, then resumes going in the same direction. I Assume that the cord jam overheated one or more components on the PCB, causing it to 'fail'.

But my question is "What Components" control the reversing motion and duration? IS there a CAP on the PCB that determines the amount of time to reverse direction? Or is there another component. If so, does anyone know their ID and values?

I have replaced the PCB on two Aquabots so far, so I have a couple of old PCB's that cause the motor to move in one direction (as descried above)
Can anyone provide the board schematics, and/or recommend the component replacement on the PCB that might make the board work correctly?

Also, does anyone know the 'theory of operation' associated with the PCB ( does it determine direction, orientation, and reversal times?)

Thanks again in advance for any help. The site is awesome and I really do enjoy rebuilding these units when they fail.

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