Ripped off by aqua products.

by Robert Feeney
(Islip NY 11752)

I bought an aqua bot jounior from Harrows on 7/14 14.On 9/14 15 it died.Two moths over warranty.It cost me 400.00 and should have lasted more than 1 season.Harrows said we cannot help you.Aqua products tells me it should not have been left in the pool for more than 2 hours at a time.Am i supposed to babysit a waterproof product so it does not get water in it when it was designed to be submerged.I have neighbors who have their pool cleaners for 20 plus years and do not ever take them out till winter.I am an electronics expert and have tested both the power supply and motor> they both have failed.Both the power supply and motor are mismatched.The power supply has not been designed to handle the 5 amp load placed upon it by the rover motor.This product in my opinion should have been recalled and not recieved a UL listing.

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