Robo stops due to moisture in motor compartment

by Boyproy

Robo stops due to moisture in motor compartment.

How to open and dry motors?
ADMIN REPLY: How do you know there's a moisture problem if you have not opened the compartment?

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Aug 13, 2012
by: Anonymous

Is a new circuit board located in motor compartment available.

Product; DOLPHIN "Commander"

Jul 03, 2012
Dolphins unexpected revival
by: Boyproy

Thanks for suggestion. I thought about this after I read it on the blog. But gues what. Dolphin came to live last night and made two (after restart) faultles six hour strolls in the pool.
I am happy and hope my underwater friend and I will befriends again.
I then keep wondering what his pain was. :) overworked?

Anyway it works. Will keep you posted.


Boyproy at (for rent and for sale)

Jul 02, 2012
by: Anonymous

One last thing you can try. Bypass the timer in the power supply. If this doesn't correct the problem then the problem is likely the circuit board in the compartment.

Jul 02, 2012
Dolphin won't work, electrical problem.
by: BoyProy

I have now tried everything to get the Dolphin Diagnostic (approx 6 years old, bought new)rolling again.

I checked for mechanical blockage by removing sideplates and belts.
I unscrewed electrical cable entrance on Dolphin, no moisture seen. Repacked it properly.
I checked the voltage there 30 Volts.

Restarting dry by holding by handle, no joy.
Restarting it dry upside down, it works for approx 45 seconds, probably diagnosting. It then turns the tracks both directions at differnets speeds and makes the propellor/fan turn with intervals. So it seems ok on dry.

Putting it then into the water it runs the propellor/fan starts turning, the tracks start, but it stops after two/three seconds. Trying this repeatdely with two minutes intervals to kill the cuurent doesnot work.

I have been thinking deeply and came up with the idea of a regional power cutoff we had several weeks a couple of time during the night but only for seonds. I must say I found the Dolphin the following morning having tracked from its trolley and moved for a few meters. I cannot remember wether it worked properly after this event.

The fact that it works its diagnose cycle normally on dry seems to be in contradiction with problems due to power failure.

Please help me out out as soon as possible. Hand vacuuming in a semi-commercial pool is not my favourite job.

Thanks very much.

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