Robot Works Then Stops

by Don Gardner
(Brookfield, Ct. 06804)

I have a Dolphin Diagnostic Robot pool cleaner Model #STP DL01 and it is not working right. It starts and goes for a few feet, then reverses for a few feet and then stops completely. I took apart all the components except the motor itself, cleaned it all, lubricated the gears, etc. and put it back together. It worked for about 2 hours (I was ecstatic) but then kicked off and would only go and stop for a few seconds again. I took it apart again but was not successful in keeping either the vacuum motor or the rotational track for more than a few seconds. Is it my motor or the electronic feeder component and what should I do? I am very appreciative of your website as my local pool company just says to buy a new one!!! Thanks, Don
ADMIN REPLY: Need to isolate the problem to the robot or power supply. Power supply parts are available but internal robot motor parts are not.
Disconnect the robot and turn on the power. If the power supply works then you most likely need a new motor complex for your robot but it needs to be tested at an authorized repair shop first.

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