Robotic Pool Cleaner and The Micron

Every robotic pool cleaner manufacturer describes filter bag efficiency with a micron rating.

A micron, or micrometer is one-millionth of a meter or one thousandth, .oo1, of a millimeter. Put in perspective, one inch equals 25,400 microns. A grain of table salt is about 100 microns.

The human eye, excluding my own, can detect specks as small as 40 microns

Many filter bags will filter as low as 2 microns and trap the following contaminants:

Sand, typically 100 to 1000 microns.

Human hair, a diameter of 70 microns.

Red Blood cells, 8 microns.

Algae, .05 to 200 microns.

Unfortunately, the bags have relief holes that are about 6500 microns wide allowing algae to blow back into the swimming pool water, so clean the bag often when using the machine in heavy algae.

A 100 micron mesh clean up bag has the capacity to filter much smaller particles than 100. As debris gathers on the surface, the microscopic holes in the fabric begin to fill and this allows smaller and smaller particles to collect in the bag. Given enough time and dirt, it could filter as much contaminants as a 2 micron bag.

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