Saved from being ripped off

by Paul
(Syosset, NY)

I called Aquaquality on Post ave in Westbury today on 7/17/10 to find out if they repaired Hayward pool pumps. The young girl I spoke to told me that they did. I asked for a price range for the repair. She told me her boss said to just bring the pump in. I explained that I did not want to take a ride there for nothing if the repair was going to be too expensive. I asked here twice if I could speak to the manager to get some prices. She finally told me she would have them call me back. Approximately 15 minutes later she called me back and told me the manager said if I brought the pump in within 1 hour he would fix it today. Although this sounded great I still wanted to get an idea of pricing. I told her I appreciate it but I don't know if it's going to cost $50.00 or $300.00. She put me on hold again and told me to bring it in for them to look at. Against my intuition, I did so and was there in 15 minutes. I saw the manager and let him look at the pump. He tried to spin the impeller and said the motor is hot. He brought me in the back showing me a shelf with new pumps and told me he didn't have the 1 1/2 HP pump I needed but did have a 1 HP pump. I said, I don't want a new pump I brought this here to be repaired. He continued to tell me a new pump would run me $380 and never mentioned a word about repairing mine. I hope all of you reading this heed my warning. This place is a dishonest, scam shop who wanted me to bring in my pump and had no intentions of repairing. They also sell rebuilt pumps and I am sure those pumps came from more unsuspecting customers who he talked into buying new pumps when a repair would have cost them 1/4 the price. I think it's important to know that when a person or store like this lacks integrity and honesty it transcends to all they do there. Visit the many other alternatives and don't allow this poor businessman to take advantage or rip you off as he tried with me.

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