stopped while running in the pool

by paul c
(Wappingers Falls, NY)

After stopping in the pool, I took the Aquabot out, tried it outside the pool, and it ran. I put back in and it never started. Tried it once again, outside the pool upside down, it ran a cycle and reversed itself. I put it back in the pool and it did not run. I took it out and flexed the wires but it would not run. I'm not an electrician or handy, but I took the plastic case off the motor and checked the wire connections and they seemed OK. Any suggestion? This is the units 6th summer.
ADMIN REPLY: Most certainly it is the cable. The wires break by the handle. If you are not handy then take it to somebody who is and have them review the pages for fixing the cable. It can be cut 6 inches from the handle...strip the bouyant sheath the same amount as the remnant...crimp on new terminal ends. reputty with saved putty or new electrical putty. OR have a new cable installed at a shop.

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