Turbo T2

by john

I wish I would have read the reviews posted here before purchasing my Aquabot Turbo T2. The reviews mirror my experience with this product.

Within 5 runs of the T2 the bushings had disengaged from the cheap plastic part that holds the bushing in place which keeps the tracks square. When this happened, the T2 goes around in circles and does not clean my pool.

I contacted aquabot support, sent them some pictures of the problems. They agreed to repair the T2, repaired it and returned it to me. But it took forever.

Within another 10 runs of device, one of the cheap plastic parts that holds the bag in place broke. I ordered the parts to replace it to avoid the delay and hassle of return.

Once I started disassembling the T2 to replace the broken part, It became clear this is a poorly designed product and a product assembled with parts that are cheap and not intended to be reassembled.

For a product that costs over $1000, not acceptable. I threw this very expensive mistake away and purchased another pool cleaner.

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