Verro 500 (Aquabot) blowing fuses

by mk

Thanks much for the terrific site!

I've got an old Verro 500 that I've fixed many things on, but it's now blowing fuses. It is blowing fuses instantly, whether the robot is connected or not. The sequence of events:

- the robot wouldn't power on, so I opened up the power supply and the fuse looked blown.

- replaced the fuse (6.3A), and turned it on without the robot attached. Fuse blew instantly.

- thinking that maybe this might be normal without the robot attached, I changed the fuse again, and attached the robot. Turned on power, and it instantly blew.

I don't see any other loose connections or damage in the power supply (caps look ok, though I haven't tested them).

Any suggestions? Thanks much.

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