Aquabot Bravo Viva Automatic Pool Cleaners

The Aquabot Bravo Viva automatic pool cleaners are manufactured by a subsidiary of Aqua Products. This international manufacturing arm is called AQUATRON INC.

Aquatic Distributors offers Bravo for $1389.99 USD and Viva for $1789.99 USD. FREE overnight shipping Prices as of 6/12/08. These robots are exclusive to Aquatic Distributors and they are the sole distributors of Bravo and Viva in the USA.

Replacement parts are reasonably priced.

The Bravo I tested was very fast, so fast it would cruise over sand filled seams and miss some debris. I also had a problem getting the robot to settle to the bottom. This corrected itself after the dry pvc brushes became saturated and heavy with water.

I did enjoy watching the robot race around the pool.

Where is the competition? The Watertech Blue Diamond is similar to Bravo. Blue Diamond remote control is similar to Viva. Blue Diamond is considerably less money and you get a similar product and warranty. Furthermore, Blue Diamond is manufactured by Aquatron INC., the same company that builds the Bravo?viva!

More details on the Comparison Page.

Another very worthy competitor, the Aquabot T2 & T4 have a slight performance edge, a somewhat similar 4 year pro-rated warranty and costs about the same. T2 and T4 Look better too. T2 matches Bravo, T4 matches Viva.

While both Aquabot Bravo and Viva have the same cleaning technology, the Viva comes equipped with remote control. Aquatron boasts a cleaning time of ONE hour for ANY shape pool due to an intelligent cleaning system that keeps the Aquabot Bravo and Viva more on the floor and less on the walls.

They both run on 12 volts and use very little electricity and the 4 year warranty is one of the best I have seen.

Both Bravo and Viva are made for rough pool surfaces and will sevice pools of up to 50 feet in an hour.

Bravo and Viva both filter 5000 gallons per hour and Bravo covers 7500 sq. feet per hour.

Comparable robots: Aquabot T2/T4, Blue Diamond, Aquabot Plus.

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