Aquabot Transformer With External Timer

Here are pictures of an Aquabot Transformer with an external timer. I took pictures at various stages of troubleshooting and repair.

A transformer only steps up or steps down AC voltage. Only diodes convert AC to DC. The transformer has 115 volts inside. It can kill you if you try to fix it.

The knucklehead who owned this transformer had wrapped foil around the fuse and burned the on/off switch as well as the timer.

I tested continuity of the ON/OFF switch and I had continuity in both on and off positions. There is never continuity in the off position. I replaced the switch, soldering the wires to the terminals.

I still had no power at the outlet . After unplugging the transformer, I removed the timer and cut the 3 timer wires. I then twisted the white and black together, being careful not to contact the bare wires with the case or my hands.

I then plugged in the unit and received a normal AC voltage reading at the outlet. I replaced the timer by splicing the wires with a crimp splice and heat shrink sleeve.

I then replaced the rivets with a hand held riveter and 1/8 aluminum rivets.

Aquabot Transformer Repair

I snipped the timer wires and twisted together the black and white. Testing at the outlet showed voltage. No voltage was detected with the old timer installed.

Aquabot Transformer

I used crimp on splices then used a heat gun on the heat shrink insulation. I wrapped tape around for an extra measure of safety.

Aquabot Transforrmer

Timer and on/off switch are installed. Transformer works.

Aquabot Transformer Repair

Popping rivets with a hand held rivet gun.

Photos below show Transformer with external timer bypassed. For photos of internal transformer bypass, click here.

Aquabot Timer Bypass

Aquabot Timer Bypass

Aquabot Timer Bypass

Aquabot Timer Bypass

All transformer internal parts as well as the parts I needed for this repair are available at Aquaquality Pools and Spas, Inc.

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