Dolphin Starts And Stops

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Wet Transformer, Wet Power Supply. How to fix it.

If your Dolphin starts and stops, the problem might be the power supply timer. Below is a Dolphin Power Supply that caused a start and stop condition. It has a tree program timer.

The timer lights would turn on then off.

Dolphin Power Supply

This power supply has a three program timer. The timer would light up, the Dolphin starts and stops, then the timer lights go out.

To verify, I measured Volts DC with a multimeter. No voltage found at the outlet.

I then UNPLUGGED THE ROBOT and cut the wires to the timer. I connected the white power line to the yellow wire and voltage was restored to the outlet. This Power supply has been working ever since and will run the robot until turned off

While this bypass will solve a Dolphin start and stop condition due to timer malfunction, the robot will run continuously until turned off.

Be very careful working with the power supply. The voltage can kill you. Always unplug the unit before cutting wires or changing components.

This Dolphin Power supply has a fuse holder in the rear of the case. My feeling was the fuse would blow if I wired the wrong wires.

Your power supply may be different from the unit shown and this information may not apply.

If your Dolphin starts and stops but you never lose voltage at the power supply, then the problem will be with the motor and is normally a very expensive repair.

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