Swimming Pool Safety Covers are Not Created Equal

Say "swimming pool safety covers" and Loop-Loc is the first brand name that comes to mind.

When I bought my safety cover, I asked for a Loop-Loc. The salesperson talked me into a Merlin safety cover, saying they were all the same. What did I know?

I am happy with my residential safety cover, however, my Merlin is NOT a Loop-Loc. All covers are not the same.

FIRST, Loop-Loc makes commercial covers. They are stronger in most every way. Most visible is the spacing of the anchors that surround the pool for the purpose of holding the cover's straps tightly. There are twice as many anchors. That is good and bad. Takes twice as long to attach or remove the cover, however being more secure, less debris will blow underneath into the water.

SECOND, the straps on my pool safety cover are not as strong as a Loop-Loc.

When the salesman says "they are all the same" don't believe it.

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