Swimming Pool Safety Covers are easier With an Automatic Pool Cleaner.

Swimming pool safety covers do not protect your pool from dirt.

The greatest advantage of an automatic pool cleaner, as it relates to your safety cover, is that it works independently of the pools filtration pump. This is crucial if you own a pool safety cover such as

Loop-loc Safety covers are made with a strong mesh fabric that allows sunlight, rain and small debris to enter the pool water. They are SAFETY covers first and foremost and do an excellent job of keeping large animals and people from drowning.

When I close my pool for the season, I lower the water level to an inch below the returns. I don't add any extra chemicals because I close it late and open early.

When I open for Summer, the pool is full from 6 months of precipitation and the bottom is covered with a layer of silt, worms and a few leaves that blew under the cover.

A mesh cover does a poor job keeping the pool clean.

To keep the debris under control, I throw my Aquabot under the cover and into the pool several times during the off-season. You can't do that with a pressure or suction type pool cleaner. One problem with using the Aquabot during the off season is washing the Aquabot filter bag.

I fixed this by using an inexpensive disposable filter bag called Nasty Bag. These disposable bags make off-season pool cleaning very easy.

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