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Jun 03, 2017
by: Anonymous

That is exactly how I isolated the problem and it turns out that the pump is shot. When taking the pump out, I found out that a piece of bark was caught in the impeller, locking it in place. This must have burned the pump motor out. New one on order. Will report back.

Jun 02, 2017
many things to check

I try to isolate the problem. First I will disconnect the cable from the motor. On newer models this means cutting. Then doing a continuity check.
If the cable is ok, then I will separate the pump from the motor and test each separately using alligator jumper clips.
The wire can break between motor and pump, or water in either can cause a short. If the components work then I retest the cable by attaching to the power supply (after taping off the bare wires) and bend the last several feet of cable to see if a possible broken wire re-connects causing a short and blown fuse.

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