Aquabot Turbo Solo blowing fuses but passes continuity.

by Sumit Dhar


I have a 2008 Aquabot Turbo Solo that just started blowing fuses. Here is what I have found out so far. Any guidance on the best next steps would be much appreciated.

Fuse does not blow when the robot is not connected to the transformer.

Moving on to test continuity. Here is the set up.

White from transformer (Tw) connects to White going to drive motor (Dw). Brown from transformer (Tbr) connects to Back to drive motor (Dbl).

White and black from drive motor connect to White and black going to pump (Pw and Pbl).

So the circuit looks like:

Tw -- Dw -- Drive Motor -- Pw -- Pump

Tbr -- Dbl -- Drive Motor -- Pbl -- Pump

Both connections from before the drive motor to the plug pass continuity test.

Tw is connected to both Pw and Pbl.
Tbr is not connected to either Pw or Pbl.

With this being the outcome without live power, am I correct in assuming that some thing in the drive motor has shorted and I need a new drive motor?

Thanks in advance,

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