Burned SMD precision wire resistor in COP-MOD60 REV06

by Anton

Hello I love myAquabot Automatic Pool Cleaner - community,

in my pool cleaner there is a Maytronics COP-MOD60 REV06 board.
Unfortunately the impeller motor only runs for 10 seconds and stops.
I removed the board and see that there is a burnt SMD component (see pictures). I could only decipher the WSC2515 and MCV322 names. Google spat me the data sheet, after that it should be a Surface Mount Wirewound Resistors Precision Power.
Unfortunately the value cannot be seen because it has burned away. You can still see 1% behind, but I miss the value. Maybe someone of you has the same board and could read it? It would be very helpful to me. Thank you in advance.

Best Regards
Anton from Germany

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