Clean Filters Light is ON, Unit Won't Run.

by Rick Lind
(Laurel Springs, NJ)

I only used my nautilus about 10 times and now the "clean filters" light comes on and unit won't run. The filters are clean but the motor doesn't turn freely. I suspect the power supply detects the hard turning motor and thinks the filters are clogged. How do I free up the motor shaft without buying a new motor assy. I tried WD-40 at the top of the motor under the impeller. No help. Any solutions?
ADMIN REPLY: Run the machine without "filters". If the machine runs well then replace the filter.

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Sep 21, 2016
Run without the bag

See if the indicator lights up if you run without the bag.
Launder the bag, don't soak in Dawn or get a new bag or even disposable bags if the light remains dark without a bag in place.

Sep 18, 2016
Filter light come on
by: Anonymous

After putting in my dolphin m 400 into my pool it runs for about 10 mins and the clean filter lights come on. It keeps running but the filters seem to not be dirty. Cleaned filters soaked over night in a dawn soap mixture. The fine screen filters do the same. Is there something that needs cleaned in the unit?

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